The Blessing!

Hi guys! Are you good at combining names? I badly need your help since I am really clueless about naming my baby. Haha. We are expecting a baby this year and I’m really happy about it. Well, I was scheduled by my ob-gyne to have my ultrasound next month so for now, we still don’t know it’s gender. Well, most of us is really expecting for a baby boy. Yehah!

So here, you can use these names for baby name combination. Cristian or Xian (This is my hubby’s name) and Freida Marie (Well, that’s my real name. Err, stinky huh?) Hehe!

Some already have suggestions. Like my cousin Assy, she likes the name Xianelle for a baby girl. Another is Xian Marie. My close friend Jane suggested Marxian. Does it sound weird? It’s like Marvin the Martian, the alien thing! Hehe. She also suggested Frexia for a baby girl.

So guys, what do you have in mind? I hope you can help me with this. Hehe. I’m getting excited!

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Oxygen Concentrators

Do you know what an oxygen concentrator is? Well, it is also called an oxygen generator, a device used to provide oxygen therapy to a patient at substantially higher concentrations than those of ambient air, used as an alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen.

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