Feb 232008

Happy 5 months dear Baby!

Hi guys! I just want to share some of our pictures taken yesterday. Hey look, I’m with Xian and were having fun! Hehehe.



Moving on, yesterday was really great since Xian and I went to Shakey’s Pizza to have dinner. We ordered a regular pizza (Pizza Buster) with extra cheese and some Mojos with dip. I just love those! Our bill was like 700.00 php but it’s all worth it! Yum-yum-yum!

NOTE: Don’t take a peek if you think you’re hungry. Hehehe. Show ▼

Feb 192008

Today is our 62nd Monthsary yet we haven’t seen each other. Huhu. He’s been busy working on their major project the whole day. We just talked on the phone and texted. Nothing more. Boo. Well, I admit I miss him since we haven’t seen each other for like 5 days! Yeah. The last time I saw him was during Valentines day. I just hope he has the time to visit me here tomorrow. Sigh.

Feb 182008

Ye’ey! Last night I withdrawn money from my Paypal. I just hope they will process it faster so that I can get my moolah right away. Hehe. I’m really happy because I can now pay my bills right on time and at the same time buy the things I want. It’s shopping time baby! Haha! For now, all I have to do is wait at least 5 to 7 days to get my moolah from Unionbank.

Moving on, to those who still want to participate in my Technorati Campaign, please let me know. Just comment here or simply leave the URL of your technorati profile. Oh by the way, here’s the URL address of Technorati profile » http://technorati.com/people/technorati/dhadha. Just add me as your fave and in return, I’ll add you too! Okeiz? Mwuah!

That’s all for now. Buh-bye!