Pissed by Super-D

Hi guys! Sorry for not updating. I just got busy doing all the sponsored posts. And I admit I’m not that into surfing the net anymore due to the Super-D Internet connection — “D” stands for dial-up. I get pissed by it and I always get mad due to disconnection or whatsoever. That’s the reason why I do seldom blog / update as well as bloghop. Sigh.

For now, the things which keeps me busy is watching DVD’s and reading books. And speaking of books, last night I decided to borrow three books from Kristine (Xian’s sister) — Confessions of an Heiress by Paris Hilton, Why Men Marry Bitches by Sherry Argov, and Mars and Venus on a Date by John Gray.

Well, the moment I woke up this morning I started reading the book which Paris Hilton wrote. I just got amused with it’s contents, especially with the pictures/images. Really! This book tells about who Paris Hilton is. Her life, her family, her work, everything! Oh here’s the screenshot of the book »

Confessions of an Heiress by Paris Hilton

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