Apr 292008

Hi everyone! Have you already seen the HD Kids commercial? Cute noh? The kids were very kulit and funny! Oh, I just love this commercial. Haha! Watch, watch, watch! PS: Sorry, video is already unavailable.

Moving on, these are some of the baby stuffs given to me kanina by my mother-in-law. Hmm, I bet if Baby Kimy will be able to see this siguro she will say: “Thank you grandma!” Hehe. Show ▼

Apr 272008

WP Upgrade

Huh? WordPress has a new version again. What the hell. It was like 2 or 3 weeks ago when they released the WordPress 2.5, and now here’s the new WordPress 2.5.1. Grrr. As what Leigh had said, so what’s next? WordPress Version 3.567585595995995959 after 2 weeks? Haha. Well, as for me, I’m already contented with my WordPress 2.5. There’s no need for another WordPress upgrade. Wehehe.

Anyweiz, can anybody suggest any kind of Asian Dramas (Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese) which are so interesting to watch? I already finished watching Hana Kimi – Japan so I’m looking for a new one. Hehe.

Apr 252008

Hana Kimi Japan

Hana Kimi – Japanese Version has finally ended. Hehe. I just finished watching it awhile ago together with Xian, Krista – Xian’s lil sister, and John – Xian’s nephew. Guess what? Super duper enjoy ako! As in! Hehehe.

Hmm, I’m gonna miss my crushie. Buhuhu. Landi ba? Hehe. Actually he’s not in the main cast. But who cares? Haha. Me and Krista always call him, “American Guy” since obviously, kano talaga itsura niya. Hehe.

Want to know who it is? Lookie here! » Show ▼