Yesterday morning, I was able to browse at my Yahoo mail to search for any email message that I may post in my Purple Cotton Candy blog. Well, I found this one and I find it really funny. I just want to share this to everybody. It’s so funny talaga! This is not a message but a picture/image instead. Just take a peek » Show ▼

Moving on, I already found a site wherein you can download all the episodes of Hana Kimi – Japanese Version. Yep, yep, yep! Hehe. Just PM me. is in need of link exchanges. If you are interested, please let me know. Just leave a message in my ShoutBox. Thankies!

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Transworld Futures

Want to find the right investment group for you? Well, Transworld Futures is the perfect place for you to go. They are actually fully registered and licensed as an Introducing Broker with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Transworld Futures aim to provide you with the best service along with accurate information to help you make the right investment. Well, it is first and foremost an introducing broker that helps solicits orders for the purchase or sale of any commodity or future on an exchange. To know more information on Transworld Futures, you may visit their site at

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Kenmar Watches

Are you fond of collecting branded watches? Hmm, if you are, then I suggest you to go to Well, they offer a wide variety of name brand watches. Kenmar Watches is actually authorized for the greatest number of brands of any independent watch retailer. Some of their most popular watch brands are the following: Sector watches, Seiko watches, Citizen watches, Bulova watches, and a whole lot more! To know more Kenmar Watches’ produts, you may actually visit their site at or you may also call them at 800 554 0094.

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