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Hi everyone! is up again (for the second time). Thank God! I hope all the sites under O2G will not experience the same problem again. Sigh.

Hmm, guess what? I already bought a new web hosting plan at Host and Walk last night. Damn! Oh, I just can’t wait! Hehe. Well, I only paid $2.00 (80.00php) for the first month since I’m not really sure with their services and all. Hmm, try ko lng toh muna. There’s no harm in trying, right? Hehe. If ever I will not be satisfied with their hosting, I can easily back-out (without spending a huge amount of money). Hehe.

Oh, here’s the screenshot of the plan I purchased from Host and Walk Hostings: The Basic Plan » Click here! ▼

Update: Awhile ago I received an email message from Host and Walk. They informed me that they will set-up my account by tomorrow. Ohhhh yeah! I’m so excited! Hmm, if in that case, I will be able to host again!

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