Dont Fall Asleep in the Jungle

Hi everyone! I just opened my Yahoo email awhile ago and found out something eeky. My father-in-law who is now in New Jersey sent me an email with the title: Dont Fall Asleep in the Jungle. I was really curious about it so I opened it and ayun, I was so shocked to see such a bitter reality! Bitin kna ba? Just see for yourself.

So guys, super eeky-terrible anoh? So do not ever fall asleep in the jungle! Or get drunk there either. Just unbelievable!

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Quick Trophy

Do you know where’s the best place to order trophies online? Well, Quick Trophy was designed and tested by coaches and team managers to be the easiest place to order trophies on the net. Yes, you read it right. You can buy trophies for your entire team in minutes!

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