Err, I was really pissed to find out that all of my blogs were down. At first, I wondered why on earth every time I open my site, it displays:

This Account Has Been Suspended.
Please contact the billing / support department as soon as possible.

Huh? All I know is that I already paid my web hosting service at o2g.net ahead of time. Weird.

Later on, nalaman ko na lang, my web host pala is having their maintenance. Hehe. Whew!


Moving on, see that new layout? I got bored the whole day that’s why I made a new layie for my old site, dhadha.firez.org. FYI: Don’t you know that dhadha.firez.org was my first ever blog? Yup, yup, yup! You read it right! Well, its just another URL redirection. It was really hosted free at freewebs. Hehe.

So guys, if you have time, please visit it. Here’s the link » DHADHA.FIREZ.ORG

To all my hostees, please read this » Open this ▼

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DNA Roots

Want to retrace your ancestors’ footsteps? Well, DNA ancestry testing is all found at DNA Roots. It is a great way to find out more about your heritage. Yes, you read it right. Hidden inside your DNA is an imprint of your family’s journey throughout the ages.

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