Jan 312009

Pink Keyboard

Pink Keyboard
Keyboard for Blondes

Presenting the new generation keyboard designed only for blondes. LOL. This $50 bubblegum-pink keyboard is already out in the market. You think I was just joking? Naaah! This is really a keyboard designed with dedicated emoticon keys. It’s soooo pinkish! I love it! LOL. Well, the first time I saw this, I really find it funny! Here are some captions found in the keyboard keys:

  • Spacebar : The Big One: “I Need My Space” Key
  • Enter : Yes! I want it!
  • Backspace : Oops!
  • Shift : Smart Blonde Button
  • Caps Lock : Warning! Size XXL Letters
  • Delete : Eraser
  • CTRL : Somewhat useless key
  • Alt : Useless Key

This bubblegum-pink keyboard actually lets you tap out musical notes on the number keys, exclaims “Oops” if you hit the backspace and makes the cash register clinking sound when you hit the dollar sign. It really makes me laugh! This is really awesome!

I would be very glad if anyone can give this to me as his/her Christmas present. Hahah! :lol: Oh, want to see the whole shot of this kawaii keyboard? Click here! I hope you had fun reading this one.

Jan 292009

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