Apr 292009

..happy! LOL. Know why? I already got my prize from Mr. Sohaib Thiab. I was declared as the grand prize winner in his blogging contest. Woohoo!

VS Monokinis
I want these! As in now nah! LOL.

I am planning to buy a sexy Victorias Secret monokini which I saw lastime in the net. Hmm, or maybe a pair of cute Continue reading »

Apr 272009

Chino's Bday

Last January 31, Sunday was the 2nd birthday of Chino, John’s half brother. Me and the whole gang attended the birthday party at around 3:30pm. It was held at the Benjamin Hall, at the back of Mister Donut — Lacson. When we arrived at the said venue, the place was wonderful. There were lots of decorations and stuffs — balloons of different shapes, inflatable castle, basketball booth (same as those found at the amusement centers), Sorbetes (ice cream) booth, and so much more. It was really bonggacious! (What a term!) LOL. There were lots of guests too. And everyone seems to be enjoying the party. Oh, the theme of Chino’s birthday party is Disney Princes and Princesses. Hihi. Most of the kids were wearing cute prince and princess costumes! Unfortunately, my Lil Kimy wasn’t able to wear any princess attire. Booo.

Chino's Bday

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Apr 252009

You would surely laugh after reading this. Really. I got this from my e-mail and thought of posting it here. Very funny indeed! Nyahaha. Enjoy!

When I grow up

This is a BIG lesson to all parents out there. Don’t ever forget to check your child’s homework. LOL. God bless everyone!