Fake Pet Society: Simple Tutorial

Hi guys! As I have promised, here’s a simple guide / tutorial in making your very own character in Chinese Pet Society or Fake Pet Society.

1. Go to their official website » www.snsyx.com/kxbb

2. Find this button and click it. Open ▼

3. Fill in some information. Open ▼

    1.) Type the letters showed.
    2.) Fill in your user name.
    3.) Fill in your password.
    4.) Confirm your password.
    5.) Fill in your Email address.
    6.) Click the Orange button.

4. After clicking the Orange button, you will be redirected to your profile.

5. Find this link and click it. Open ▼

6. After clicking the link, a new window will pop-up.

7. Give some time to load the game. Open ▼

8. Enjoy playing!

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Another Research

Duh. Not again. My dad let me search for something in the net. This time it’s about some life insurance. My gawd. I’m really sick of this ‘researching’ thingy. Anyway, he told me to google for some sites which offers free quotes on term life insurance.

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