Jul 302009

I saw this photo yesterday at Facebook. And the first time I saw it? My jaws dropped and I was like cursing. Yeah, really! Kids nowadays are far advanced. LOL. Look how aggressive they are that they can do such things. How I wished their parents will eventually know what they’re up to. This is too much! *Sad*


Jul 282009

Got acne problems? Nowadays there are a lot of people suffering from this, and that includes my first cousin and my lil kiddo’s nanny too. They both are suffering from acne for so long and desperately need a good treatment for it. There are many acne products available in the market today but sad to say, most of it doesn’t really work. How sad.

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Jul 262009

Is your book collection growing and growing yet you don’t have enough space for it? Well, I suggest you to donate it to different charities out there. Many people, especially children, will get benefited. If you’re not into that ‘donating thingy’, you can just sell some of your books online. Yes, you read it right. I simply know one place for you to head on.

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