Mar 292010

Hooray! I bought a new phone! Finally, it’s in my hands now. Weee! It was March 15 when I bought it. At first, I was just looking for a phone which has dual sim capability + WiFi enabled. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one. Well, there are a lot of China phones which have these features but I’m not really interested with any of that. I don’t like China phones since the battery drains so fast. Eventhough I have two batteries for my Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic (china phone), I was still like charging my phone 3 to 5 times a day. It really, really sucks! :!:

Anyway, to make the long story short, I finally bought my dream phone. LOL. So here it is, presenting my Samsung GT-B5310 Corby Pro. Oh, there are 3 fashion jackets included in the box, earphones, USB cord, and mic cable. :oops:

Corby Pro
It’s touchscreen and it has a qwerty keypad too. Love it!

To see Samsung GT-B5310 Corby Pro complete specifications, please proceed here » Click here. :smile:

Mar 292010

Samsung’s Omnia II handset was the first phone to feature Swype, the super-fast input method for texting. It’s now officially the world’s fastest way to text, breaking the Guinness World Record with five seconds to spare.

The previous record for the fastest message was 40.91 seconds. While Swype’s only available on the Samsung phone for now, it’s expected to come pre-loaded in an unnamed Android phone, due for launch this year. []

This is really, really cool! Unfortunately I already bought a new phone which has a cool qwerty keyboard.

I bet the Samsung Omnia II is way too expensive due to it’s cool feature. Hmm, I’ll surely add this to my wishlist. Haha!

Mar 292010

Two days ago, my hubby and I went into a store here in our place which sells not so expensive Chinese stuffs. I was able to buy a pail, 2 big basins, some plastic wares — things usually found in a laundry room. LOL. On the other hand, my hubby bought some things for his hobby too. He bought 3 pairs of work gloves, a screw drivers, some screws, nails, and many more. We have bought lots of stuffs but guess what? We just paid less! I’m glad Chinese stores are available here in our place, in this way I can really save a lot from buying stuffs.

Bought at the Chinese store
Some of the things be bought. :wink: