Jun 242010

Canon Ixus 95 IS

Remember my hotpink Canon Ixus 95 IS? It got busted. After five months, it got busted! Sigh. While I was doing a photoshoot for my online shop’s clothing line, I accidentally placed my mannequin’s arms beside the digicam and it fell off from the cabinet. It’s really sad that it’s lense were stuck and it couldn’t close anymore. Continue reading »

Jun 242010

She's Turning Two!

June is definitely a busy month for me. Know why? I’ve been preparing a lot for my lil kiddo’s birthday! It’s on June 30 and I almost have six days left to prepare. Oh my. I already booked a place, bought stuffs for the kiddie party, ordered a birthday cake and foods, and what else. Oh, this coming Saturday I’m going to hit the mall to look for my lil kiddo’s birthday attire. So wish me luck!

Jun 182010

Instead of providing another quick weight loss article, I have decided to share an interesting article on gaining weight instead. Honestly speaking, I have been skinny all my life and I really wanted to gain weight as much as I could. Trust me, I eat a lot of foods but it doesn’t work at all. I guess it’s all because of my body’s metabolism.

Continue reading »