Aug 302010

Strip Club Drive-Thru

There is a window Climax Gentlemen’s Club which provides a drive-thru with they’ll-do-it-in-my-car convenience of a drive-thru McDonald’s. One has to wait one’s turn, before spending a $ 10 per minute per person. A cinder block carport at the back of the building provides a view to the indoor activity through a diamond shaped window. A ‘pay here’ booth takes credit cards, and displays an autographed photo of Fred ‘The Honzman’ Honsburger, a right-wing radio talk show host on Pittsburgh’s KDKA.

Aug 282010

Sometimes I don’t know when is too much, too much. It does sound funny but when you have over worried mother who is always checking up on you it gets a little too crowded. Especially if it’s in regards to your love life. She’s been asking me when I intend to tie the knot. Continue reading »

Aug 262010

Are you interested in a cash advance? A cash advance is a service provided by most credit card issuers that allows credit card holders to withdraw money. When I wanted to take a cash advance on my next pay check I was encouraged by a friend to try Check City. Continue reading »