Oct 242010


Hey, guess what? I exactly know now what causes my acne. It’s the STRESS! I’ve been into a 2-weeks vacation with my daughter. I remembered before we had our trip, I have lots of acne all over my face. Sorry if it sounds disgusting but that’s the truth. Anyway, right after our vacation, my grandma asked me on what I’ve been using to clear out the acne on my face. I just laughed and replied, Continue reading »

Oct 242010

Gaining Weight

How to lose weight quick? Losing weight fast is often the object of desire for the average dieter. The average dieter wants to see 7 pounds in 7 days, 30 pounds in 30 days, and other extreme results. But for the average dieter, that much regular weight loss is just not plausible, nor is it actually safe. The obese can lose multiple pounds per day. But for a person who is even simply overweight, it is not the same.

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