Jun 192011

Wacky Questions About Lipo

Question: Can you gain weight again after lipo? Can some people who’ve had it still not be skinny? And, if you get your stomach sucked, will fat accumulate in other body parts?

Answer: Yes to all. If you eat more calories than your burn, you’ll gain weight, even post-lipo. And, added poundage will indeed relocate. Your body doesn’t produce fat cells after adolescence, so once you remove those cells via lipo, fat won’t deposit in the areas worked on. But, it has to go somewhere.

Question: After getting lipo, will the excess skin shrink back to size?

Answer: Probably. It depends on your genes and how elastic your skin is. If you have stretch marks (possibly because you gained the weight quickly), that’s a sign your skin has little elasticity and isn’t likely to shrink back completely. The loose flesh will just hang there.