Motivation Boosters

Motivation Boosters

Need an encouraging push to keep you on track on being fit and fab? Try these.

Have a full breakfast

If you want to cut calories and make sure you start the day right, stay away from uber greasy and caffeinated breakfast fare, and stick to something more natural, like The French Baker’s 100% Whole Grain Bread. It’s made out of seven healthy grains and seeds, and has no added sugar or preservatives. Eating a full breakfast keeps you feeling full for a longer times, and gives you more energy all throughout the day.

Channel a new wardrobe

Stuck at a weight loss plateau? Try to jumpstart the scale with a weight loss aid like Xenical. To make sure you stay true to your goal, think of this added bonus: Buy a box of Xenical and register at one of the One Size Smaller booths in participating drugstores. You might just win P5,000 worth of clothes from the Chocolate Clothing Company every month for one year.

Find a friend in fiber

Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy. So, when you’re bogged down by that swollen feeling or a bloated tummy, making fiber your friend will turn all those troubles into a thing of the past. Dietary fiber can only be found in pant foods, but drinking fiber-rich drinks, like EverNew Orange, can add to your fiber intake. Adding more fiber to your diet promotes efficient digestion, reduces calorie intake, and controls the absorption of fats and cholesterol.

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