Sep 292011

Workout Myths, Debunked!

Check this Get Fit Guide from The Good Housekeeping mag — helping you become your fittest, healthiest self yet.

Myth: “Situps can get rid of my love handles.”

There’s no such thing as spot reduction. The best way to get rid of love handles is to combine balanced eating, right amount and quality of exercise — with both cardio and strength training.

Myth: “Lifting weights will bulk up my muscles.”

we all have different body types, and how big your muscles grow depends on that. Women in general do not have the body type that bulks up. Women don’t build muscles like men do.

Myth: “Running is enough to keep the pounds off.”

Cardio burns calories, that’s true, but strength training is necessary to build muscle. More muscles means you burn more fat. Weight training will also help women improve the flexibility and strength of their limbs, especially legs and knees, that tend to give in as they get older.