Oct 312011

Looking for the king of all electric guitars? If you are then I highly recommend the Ibanez Electric Guitar. I got this guitar about half a year ago and it rules! The guitar never becomes un-tuned and the neck on this guitar is the thinnest neck i have ever seen and used. It is very comfortable and the tuners on bridge are very accurate. Continue reading »

Oct 292011

Pretty Tie-Ups

Here are other uses for your scrunchies and pantali.

1. They keep your snacks fresh. Clips will do the trick, but scrunchies look much nicer. They look better, too.

2. They can be turned into final touches. Wrap your gifts in hankies or pieces of fabric, and finish them off with bands that pop out.

3. They organize your things. Group pens on your work table, chopsticks for your Japanese dishes, and documents inside tall containers so you don’t misplace them.