Nov 222011

Be The Best Listener
Maintain eye contact, and listen with a smile

• When a friend comes to you with problems that you find hard to relate to, the best you can do is listen. Make sure you’re in tune with each other by paying attention to non-verbal cues and modifying your facial expression or gestures to match hers. By doing so, she’ll know that you’re connecting and that you understand what she’s going through on some level.

• Sometimes, too many details can get overwhelming and make you lose track of what the other person is saying. Prevent spacing out by checking in with her from time to time. Recap parts of the conversation and clarify whether you’re understanding her correctly — this ensures that both of you are still on the same page.

• End a conversation by summarizing everything that has been talked about and confirming points that were raised. Your friend will surely appreciate how you paid attention and remembered everything she said — from beginning to end.