Dec 282011

Breast Cancer Protection

A new study found that women who exercised regularly before turning 35 had a 23 percent decreased risk of developing breast cancer before menopause. One theory: Working out seems to reduce the amount of estrogen in your body, and research indicates that the more estrogen a woman has, the greater her odds of developing breast cancer.

Dec 182011

Looking for a decently priced video camera? If you are then the zoom q4 handy video camera is good for its great value for money. However despite its name, this camera does not have a zoom function. It goes from normal to wide angle with a click of the button, but unless you are very near to what you are filming, it does not get close enough to get a good, clear close up of what you are filming. On a positive note the audio is excellent and films in natural light brilliantly in HD. If this camera had a zoom it would be the best on the market.

Dec 162011

Shutting Up

Got a gut feeling that your guy has fantasized about your friend? Keep it to yourself. Researchers found that when relationship-threatening thoughts are intuited, happier mates don’t verbalize those hunches, understanding they’re usually not serious. Those who freak are more likely to sabotage the relationship.