Jan 212012

Start A Biz!

The easiest way to save your hard-earned money is probably through a bank. But, consider this: Banks offer an average of one percent annual interest rate — that’s like making your money grow at a glacial pace! Of course, you can still keep your savings in a bank, but it’s better if you can augment it. So, why not start a small business? Think of a field you’re interested in, like fashion. Invest in a few pretty dresses first, which you can source from somewhere for a really cheap price. Add a reasonable profit percentage, then sell them to colleagues and friends. That’s a fun and easy way to have and save money!

Jan 192012

I have ordered four of these tablecloths for backyard BBQ’s and indoor use. They have proven to be a great item to have on hand. I used to buy the cheap plastic tablecloths that you throw away after the party. I found that I spend a few dollars more for these reusable table cloths and have saved a lot of money in the long run. They look much nicer too. They are soft to the touch and they fit rectangular buffet type table perfectly. Continue reading »