Jan 212012

Start A Biz!

The easiest way to save your hard-earned money is probably through a bank. But, consider this: Banks offer an average of one percent annual interest rate — that’s like making your money grow at a glacial pace! Of course, you can still keep your savings in a bank, but it’s better if you can augment it. So, why not start a small business? Think of a field you’re interested in, like fashion. Invest in a few pretty dresses first, which you can source from somewhere for a really cheap price. Add a reasonable profit percentage, then sell them to colleagues and friends. That’s a fun and easy way to have and save money!

Jan 152012

Elegant Homes

When I look at architecture and design magazines, I am always overwhelmed at the elegance and pageantry of their interior. The foyer, living room and dining room mostly boast of chandelier lighting as their main source of illumination in the room. Knowing that each chandelier costs about a low-cost house here in the Philippines, I can only gasp at their grandeur.

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Jan 032012

Make New Pals

• Ask a person you haven’t hung out with socially (a coworker, a neighbor) to join you when you get together with friends. In turn, she’ll likely invite you out with her buds one night.

• Find a natural time to suggest meeting up with an acquaintance you want to befriend — for example, if she mentions a movie she wants to see, say “Tara, let’s go sometime.”Then, follow through.

• Strike up a convo with someone you don’t know, like a guy next to you at a cafe. It helps you become at ease chatting up new people. Plus, you just might click with him or her.