How To Manage A Bad Boss

How To Manage A Bad Boss

The Split Personality. Sometimes she’ll kick off her stilettos and gab with you about haircuts and boyfriends. But when she gets angry, her screams can be heard from across the office.

Management strategy: Sit beside her when she’s involved in a passive activity, like scanning the newspapers. Put your hand on her arm, and as you feel her muscles relax a bit, say “It seems like something’s on your mind. Can I get you something?” If she won’t open up, don’t pry, but keep the physical connection. If she does spill, just listen so she knows how much it means for her to share it with you.

The Cult Leader. Her dazzling charisma and passion for your project motivate you to work extremely hard — commuting to the office on weekends, answering text messages at one (1) a.m. Then one morning, the alarm clock rings and you can’t do anything except pull the covers over your head.

Management strategy: Set boundaries. No more answering emails on a Saturday night, or keeping your cellphone strapped to your waist. Talk to her about getting help with your workload — if she’s as worthy of your worship as you think, she’ll listen.

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Signs He’s Hung Up On His Ex

Signs He's Hung Up On His Ex

It’s hard to determine if your new guy is over a breakup or still on the rebound… unless you know the telltale clues.

He compares you to her. Men who are stuck on a former flame will find ways to bring her up in conversation — even when they’re complimenting you. Be wary of such pseudopraise as “You’re so much sweeter than she is.” His words may feel flattering, but they indicate he’s still emotionally attached to his previous partner.

He flaunts your relationship. Watch out for stealth moves that might make his ex jealous, like dragging you to a bar where her friends hang out or plastering pics of you two on Facebook. He could be parading you around to upset her, and that kind of bitterness proves he’s focused on her…not you.

You could pass as her twin. Don’t fool yourself about his having a type. When a man hasn’t moved on, he’ll unconsciously seek someone who reminds him of his ex. It helps him cope when he’s not ready for someone new.

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