May 292012

Next time life leaves you in a foul, everything-sucks mood, employ these strategies to get an insta-lift.

Feel-Good Tricks For Bad-Trip Days

Take an iPod timeout. Put on your earphones, and lose yourself in your favorite tunes. A slower tempo will relax you, but music that’s heavy and throbbing will let you work through anger and annoyance, so you can get rid of these negative emotions out of your system quickly.

Slick on red lipgloss. Red lips exude confidence and sex appeal. The reaction you get from others will help replace your bad mood with sexy self-assuredness.

Crack up in front of your computer. It’s impossible to feel bad when you’re laughing, so watch funny Youtube clips or download a video from or

Switch on your desk lamp. Harsh overhead lighting can amplify stress and irritation, while a softer glow can help soothe you.

Surround yourself with yellow and orange. Studies show that people become more joyful in these warm, bright colors, possibly because they remind us of the sun. If you don’t have a yellow or orange garment to wear, pick up flowers on these hues.

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May 232012

Looking for a good TV Stand? If you are I highly recommend the 2-Tier Swivel TV Stand by Convenience Concepts, Inc. This TV Stand was exactly what I was looking for in its price range. It holds our 32″ Sony LCD TV on top with our DVD player below with ample room on all sides of it. Continue reading »