Jul 312012

Make Fights Less Traumatic

Why some couples survive arguments and others don’t.

The key to disagreeing without feeling devastated by it or by damaging your relationship: Talk about your feelings in neutral terms, without blaming or criticizing your partner. Then clearly state how you’d like to see the issue resolved.

Try to bring some affection or humor into the dialogue. In recent studies done at the University of Washington, researchers predicted with 94 percent accuracy whether a couple would stay together based on how they discussed a contentious relationship issue. The couples who could laugh, tease each other, and express affection while arguing are the ones who endured.

Jul 222012

Inspirational tips to help get you off your butt.

Motivate Yourself Now!

&#10004 Reward Yourself

Set minigoals, such as making it to the gym three times a week, and then reward yourself with something special: a pedicure or even a piece of gourmet chocolate.

&#10004 Make It Enticing

Save things you enjoy-listening to tunes, reading your fave mag-for the gym so you’ll have something pleasant to look forward to while working up a sweat.

&#10004 Follow The Stars

Want to stay fit like Gretchen Barretto and makeup artist Barbi Chan? Try boxing! Tip: Tell your trainer how intense a workout you want-he’ll follow suit.

&#10004 Don’t Overdo It

Pick only one goal — e.g., putting in ten (10) extra minutes a week at your cardio session. If you add a strict diet and no booze as well, you’ll be more likely to blow it all off.