A Family Vacation On A Budget; Enjoy Your Time Away For Cheaper Than You Expect

A Family Vacation On A Budget; Enjoy Your Time Away For Cheaper Than You Expect

During my pregnancy, one of the many things I was told was how difficult it was going to be to take my family on a vacation. Mind you, it wasn’t the regular screaming child on a plane comment, it was more about how expensive it would be; too expensive for my and my partner, apparently.

With twin toddlers at the age of 4, I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have a family, be it big or small, and you are looking for budget-friendly vacation options, here are some great ideas that I learned.

A Cruise!

You read that right – a cruise. Despite what you might be thinking, family friendly cruise lines are abundant with offers galore. The key to taking your family on a cruise is to pick your timing well. While it’s true that you aren’t likely to be sailing during the peak season, off-season times as the weather transitions are ripe with bargains for budget minded families like your own.

The best way to take advantage of these trips is to look for family-oriented cruise lines and then browse through their sailing times to find a price that’s right for you. The perfect example lies in the summer months, where a cruise along the inside passage of Alaska can be found for heavily reduced prices.

Don’t Visit a Travel-Agent

There was once a time when visiting your local travel agent and flipping through the brochures was the only way to go on a vacation. Family or not. However, the internet quickly changed that with sites like the Groupon Coupons page for CheapOair that offer deep discounts and offers for numerous family vacation options.

The trick to keeping your costs down using these sites is to handle all of the bookings yourself. While this can mean a good amount of searching and administration work on your behalf, the results are a family vacation at a fraction of the price should you have visited a travel agent.


Food and drinks. Entertainment for the kids. Activities for the adults. Hotel accommodation for everybody including any cots and bunks. All of the individual items for a family vacation can quickly add up if you were to stay independently.

If you are your partner love the idea of lazing by a pool while your children play with newly made friends or are taken on adventures by child-friendly staff members, then an all-inclusive resort is your budget minded friend.

By wrapping everything up in the one price, families such as yours know exactly how much they need to pay and make payment in full before they even set foot on the plane. This means no hidden fees and charges, with all entertainment for both adults and children taken care of.

Starting a family doesn’t have to mean the end of fun and adventure when it comes time for vacation, it just means a little creative thinking and some administrative work. The next time that you are stuck for a vacation idea, take the advice in this article and enjoy your family time away!

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