Feb 192014

Pregnant And Clueless?

If you or someone you know is panicking at pregnancy, these bits of truth might help them cope.

Life is precious.

It may sound cliche, but the miracle of life eventually came to mean so many things, like forgiveness, trust, and unconditional love.

Your fears might be amplified.

While you may fear kahihiyan or disdain over an unplanned pregnancy, you might be surprised at the actual support of parents and the public for someone going through such a critical situation.

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Sep 162013

This female thought pattern makes stress worse.

Stop Obsessing
You gotta learn to let go

A habit you need to break.

Rumination: going over a problem in your mind. Studies show that this process is very common among women.

Why it’s a problem.

Rather than providing useful insights, obsessing over a stressful scenario will only make it worse. When you’re worried, negative thoughts and memories are more accessible in the brain, and you’ll use them to interpret the thing you’re ruminating about. This interferes with your ability to solve dilemmas, so they persist, which can lead to more stress and, eventually, depression.

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