Jan 252014

Picking The Right Bed Rail

As people age, the risk of falls continues to increase. Due to weakening bone structures, even small falls can lead to serious injuries that can take months to recover from. One of the riskiest things that a person does every day is trying to climb into and out of bed. For those who are looking to reduce the chance that they fall when trying to get into or out of bed, getting a bed handle or rail could be a great option.

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Jan 162014

Framing Displays

If you have a display that you need to set up, one of the things that you can use to protect all of your items is a framing system. There are several types of framing systems to choose from including those that are aluminum or steel. The type of frame that you would use depends on your display in most cases.

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Jan 072014

Holiday Pet Costumes

Pet costumes are fun additions to holiday festivities and create hilarity and memories for the guests. Since sizes range from XS to XXXL, you can find one to fit your smallest and largest pets.

Dog Halloween Costumes

Imagine your doggie peeking out of a Pumpkin Lid or from under a Witch Hat With Hair. There’s a Candy Corn Witch Dog outfit, or a Dracula or a Frankenstein costume in an attempt to make even a tiny pup look fierce and scary, or a Jester Hat and Collar or a Pink Pirate Dog costume.

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