Sep 112012

Looking for some nice folding chairs? If you are then I recommend the Flex One Folding Chair. I bought these to donate them to our local church. I got these on a lightning deal, or I probably wouldn’t have given them a chance, but I’m really glad I did. The chairs seem to be well constructed. They have a sticker that rates them at 1000 pounds. While I have never tried that much, they have held up well with roughly 300 lbs. or so. I have a couple of the cheap black folding chairs I bought on my local department store, and the Flex One chairs are much more solid than the store bought ones. I would feel safe about children playing on these chairs, too. Obviously, children won’t hit the weight ratings, but I mean that I think a child could stand in the middle of the chair and not have it collapse or fold up on them. I wish these were a little less expensive, but other than that, these are great chairs, and I recommend them. For more chairs for church, just try the link present on this article.

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