Apr 082010

Baller ID’s, Baller Bands, Wristbands, or whatever you call it are so “in” today. Teenagers were all crazy about it. I saw some youngsters wearing more than three and it’s kind of cute actually — maybe because it’s so colorful! LOL.

Anyway, speaking of baller bands, I have one too. And believe it or not, it’s my first ever baller band. Nakikiuso na rin. LOL. It’s actually a couple baller band. It’s really, really, really cute! It says, “This Girl Loves This Boy” and “This Boy Loves This Girl”. Hmmm, I bet you would want one too for yourself and for your boyfie / girlfie. Haha. Lookie!

And here’s us wearing the couple baller bands. Hihihi.

Surprise! ▼

Hmmm, want to own a pair too? Just head on to the Kerstin’s Closet Online Shop. They’re the only supplier of this cute baller bands just for couples! Hurry, this is just a limited edition. Better grab a pair now!



Shop at ZALORA Philippines and use the code ZBAP0Ht to get a 15% discount


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  1. How can I order this one?

  2. @Kae: You can go directly to this online store — http://www.kerstinscloset.com but I guess this were sold out already. You may check out their other designs.

  3. meron pba nyan?

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