Elegant Homes

Elegant Homes

When I look at architecture and design magazines, I am always overwhelmed at the elegance and pageantry of their interior. The foyer, living room and dining room mostly boast of chandelier lighting as their main source of illumination in the room. Knowing that each chandelier costs about a low-cost house here in the Philippines, I can only gasp at their grandeur.

Looking around, I always find wall to wall carpeting. I notice that they have huge paintings in between wall sconces. These are probably works of famous artists and cost hefty sums. Most of the furniture are made of hard wood and are sometimes gilded with gold. Even the lampshades have a certain air of prominence as they stand proudly on the side tables.

But there is something about these elegant homes — they look empty. They are too neat and clean and spic for people to live in. They look like models in magazines — good to see but not touch.

I believe that a home that is always lived in has a certain amount of chaos in them. Not the ugly chaos but some disarray because people, and not robots, are living in them. And people leave messes, no matter how OC they are.

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  1. I agree with what you said that elegant homes feel like they’re only good for the eyes and looks uncomfortable to live in. For me, it’s okay for a home to be messy because there are people living in them.

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