Massive Ashtray

Looking for a great ashtray? If you are then I recommend the Gurkha Branded Cigar Ashtray. I bought this ashtray for my dad because so that we can put it on the porch so that he and his friends can smoke there and not in our living room. This ashtray has exceeded my expectations. You can read the dimensions in the description all you want. It wasn’t until it came in a 3′ x 3′ x3′ box to my front door that I understood! Inside, was the largest cigar ashtray I had ever seen! It now enjoys a place on my screened in porch where my father and his friends hangout during the weekends. Really cool to see Gurkha Cigars dwarfed by this ashtray. A really nice collector piece! To buy Gurkha cigars online or other Gurkha goodies, I recommend you try the link present on this article.

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