Jan 072014

Holiday Pet Costumes

Pet costumes are fun additions to holiday festivities and create hilarity and memories for the guests. Since sizes range from XS to XXXL, you can find one to fit your smallest and largest pets.

Dog Halloween Costumes

Imagine your doggie peeking out of a Pumpkin Lid or from under a Witch Hat With Hair. There’s a Candy Corn Witch Dog outfit, or a Dracula or a Frankenstein costume in an attempt to make even a tiny pup look fierce and scary, or a Jester Hat and Collar or a Pink Pirate Dog costume.

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Jan 042014

To Keep Or Not Yo Keep, That Is The Question

There are many great reasons for having a yard sale. Some people have yard sales before they move so they don’t have to pack and ship belongings they aren’t using. Sometimes they are updating the look of their home and sell their old belongings to make money and room for the new ones. Sometimes your children just grow like weeds and rapidly outgrow both their clothes and their toys. Continue reading »

Jan 012014

Sponsor A Chimpanzee Orphan

Your virtual sponsorship of a chosen chimpanzee will enable a safe and healthy environment, veterinary care, fresh vegetables and fruits, the company of its chimpanzee family and caregivers and other benefits.

Your donation will allow your chimp to continue to live in a beautiful forested enclosure and be free to run, jump, climb trees and bask in quality loving care.

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