Feb 152014

Two Reasons To Consider Direct Cremation

Almost no one likes to think about their own death. It makes many people uncomfortable to consider that we all die and need to make plans for how it’s handled. If you’re pondering your options, you may want to consider direct cremation. While this won’t be the right solution for everyone, it’s certainly an option that many people aren’t aware exists.

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Jan 202014

Decode His Dating Quirks

Early on, it’s hard to tell if a weird action is due to normal awkwardness… or something else. We help you decipher.

What he does: Monopolizes conversations
What it means: He might be more nervous than egomaniacal. Smitten men often brag to try to prove that they’re good enough for you. Interject with your own stories. If he’s a quality dude, he’ll listen up.

What he does: Fails to make a move
What it means: the truth is, guys have gotten so many mixed messages about how fast to push things physically that they can get insecure and freeze up. If you want things to progress, you may need to give a subtle green light by grabbing his hand or leaning in for a kiss.

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Jan 162014

Benefits Of Using Pre-Hung Doors

Pre-hung doors may be a better alternative than hanging doors. If you’re not a professional, hanging doors yourself can prove to be really difficult. On the other hand, a pre-hung door is ready for installation, it’s already fit into the frame. It eradicates many problems related to the installation and use of a regular door and they’re available for interior and exterior uses. Continue reading »