Top 3 Ideal Christmas Gifts For Children

Christmas is just around the corner and I can’t help but reminisce about the good old days when I received lots of gifts from my beloved godparents. Nowadays, I’m the one who does all the giving. Since I have many godchildren, I have to do my shopping as early as now and avoid the Christmas rush. Lazada PH has tons of fun, functional, and affordable toys and other nice gift items for kids.

Top 3 Ideal Christmas Gifts For Children: Kaizen Creative Stylish Computer

The Kaizen Creative Stylish Computer is a must-have. It’s an educational toy especially designed for brain development in young kids. It contains 80 fun activities including letters, words, numbers, math, music, keyboard, memory, logic games, and tools.

Top 3 Ideal Christmas Gifts For Children: Hawk Monopack Backpack 4032 (Phoenix Yellow)

Another ideal gift is the Hawk Monopack Backpack 4032 (Phoenix Yellow). It can be used for school or for camping. Not only is it durable, it’s also waterproof because it’s made of Durashield fabric. Its S-style back straps is designed for comfortable carrying. Furthermore, it’s designed with full lining and has multi-organizers where the child can store different stuff.

Top 3 Ideal Christmas Gifts For Children: Potex Hard Rock Guitar

Any child will love to have the Potex Hard Rock Guitar. This life-like electronic guitar is a great way to educate kids about music. It has 5 chord keys, rhythm select, and volume control function. Furthermore, it’s totally safe to carry around.

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